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Issue 61, October-December  2014
Prime Number Magazine is a publication of Press 53, PO Box 30314, Winston-Salem, NC 27130
by Laura Haynes

First Place: Poetry

Our Judge, Erica Dawson, had this to say about Laura Haynes's poem, "Mimesis":

The energy of this poem is absolutely irresistible, and its impulse inspiring. You can't get to the end without singing, nor without realizing how long it's been since you've really sung
Consider the whole, the root:
The bowl of a cupped hand,
holding us. Fibonacci numbers 
are hard to understand, and also

double-helix structures, or how
that one kind of squid can go
protoplasmic, then re-emerge, a
baby: tiny muscle contracting

upwards. Consider the infinite
overbrimming of new hummingbirds,
bubbling up out of themselves in
iridescent flocks, year upon year,

or the groped tendril of a sweet pea 
as it climbs the spent shard of 
redwood tree, or the finale of smoke,
twirled and rising. Take shelter:

you too kaleidoscopic, and just as alive
as anything, everything, just as prone
to sing in harmony, more prone--
fledged, at the edge of the nest

and the whole world fanned out below,
when breeze brings the scent of a
lighter hold on things, green field 
and a layer of air between, wings

that unfold, new, and know how to, 
up-dipped upon a thermal. Tip light,
and take the invitation to enter the turned 
rope, the door opening, that certain 

chain of notes that strips you down to 
yourself, bossa-nova rhythm that pulls you 
out of your chair, scent of pittosporum 
on the air when March turns to April.

The radio plays every channel all the time.
Select the frequency, learn to twirl
The dial and bead back in on the beautiful,
And when it’s the blues, let it be Selma,

keep walking, keep to the road and know
that water will force itself through rock 
if you give it long enough, keep walking,
the winds are with you, and the weather.

Laura Haynes is a former screenwriter who received her MFA from Bennington in 2012. Her work has appeared in McSweeney's and The Bennington Review. She lives in Santa Barbara, California.