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Issue 31, January-March  2013
Prime Number Magazine is a publication of Press 53, PO Box 30314, Winston-Salem, NC 27130

by Rebecca Morris

I’ll never forget the day I lied about the copper-headed snake because that’s the day I found out my father was a liar too. I’d brouhahaed. I’d worried mama and the girls. Daddy got his hoe. I pointed to where the snake had gone. “You get it?” Mama asked. “Got it,” Daddy said.
A 53-word Story
Every week, Press 53 offers its free 53-word Story Contest with Meg Pokrass, with one winner chosen and posted on the Press 53 Blog. Each quarter, the editors of Prime Number Magazine choose one story from all the weekly winners. This quarter we have selected "Untitled" by Rebecca Morris.
Rebecca Morris is a graduate student in Texas A&M University’s English Department where she specializes in children’s and young adult literature. Her first academic book, Representing Children in Chinese and American Children’s Literature, a coedited collection, will be published in 2014. Rebecca currently teaches writing in Winston-Salem and enjoys skiing, hiking, and horseback riding in the North Carolina mountains.