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Welcome to Issue No. 31 of Prime Number: 
A Journal of Distinctive Poetry & Prose
Letter from the Editors (or jump to the Table of Contents)

Dear Readers,

We’ve got a great new issue for you—Number 31 is the third issue of our THIRD YEAR. To see work from previous issues, check out the Archives, or order Editors' Selections Volumes 1 and 2, shipping now from Press 53.

In this issue, we continue to bring you distinctive poetry and prose: short stories by Charlene Pollano, Sharron Harrigan, Elizabeth Jennings, and Mickey Laurence Cohen; essays by Jay Kauffmann, Jacob Allgeier, Ray Scanlon, and Christine Hale; a craft essay by Mary Akers; poetry by Jason Braun, John McDermott, Simon Perchik, and Scott Ward; reviews of books by David Foster Wallace and David Ebenbach; and an interview with Amanda Coplin, author of The Orchardist. Plus, we present the quarterly winner of Press 53’s 53-word Story contest! Our beautiful, snowy cover photo, just right for January, is by Alexander Zielinski.

We are currently reading submissions for the Issue 31 updates, Issue 37, and beyond. Please visit our Submit page and send us your distinctive poetry and prose. We’re looking for flash fiction and nonfiction up to 1,000 words, stories and essays up to 5,000 words (note that this is an increase from our previous limit), poems, book reviews, craft essays, short drama, ideas for interviews, and cover art that reflects the number of a particular issue (we’re looking for a “37” right now). If we’ve had to decline your submission, please forgive us and try again!

A number of readers have asked how they might comment on the work they read in the magazine. We’ll look into adding that feature in the future. In the meantime if you are moved to comment I would encourage you to send us an email ( and we’ll pass your thoughts along to the contributors. Similarly, if you are a publisher and would like to send us ARCs for us to consider for reviews, please contact us at the above email address. We’re especially interested in reviewing new, recent, or overlooked books from small presses.

One more thing: Prime Number Magazine is published by Press 53, a terrific small press helping to keep literature alive. Please support independent presses and bookstores.

The Editors

Charlene Pollano
Angle of Repose

Sharon Harrigan
Eighty-Two Percent True

Elizabeth Jennings
In the Chambers of the Sea

Mickey Laurence Cohen
All Our Heroes Are Dead

Rebecca Morris
Untitled, a 53-word Story

Jay Kauffmann
Mykonos (1988)

Jacob Allgeier

Ray Scanlon
Bankrupting the Russkies

Christine Hale
Three Short-Shorts


Jason Braun
Faux Pas
Voice Over
The Man from Nowheresville

John McDermott
The Cliff Walkers
The Buddha of Newport
On Visiting Salve Regina University, Newport, Rhode Island

Simon Perchik

Scott Ward
Pastoral Ghazal
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Issue 31, January-March 2013
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Table of Contents, Prime Number Magazine
Issue 31, January-March 2013
Prime Number Magazine is a publication of Press 53, PO Box 30314, Winston-Salem, NC 27130

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Prime Number Magazine, Editors' Selections Volumes 1 and 2.
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Mary Akers
Getting Away with It: Breaking the Rules of Writing


Anne Pharr
Review of David Ebenbach's Into the Wilderness

Matthew Raese
Review of David Foster Wallace's Both Flesh and Not


Interview with Amanda Coplin, author of The Orchardist

Alexander Zielinski
Number 31