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Issue 101, Oct – Dec 2016
Prime Number Magazine is a publication of Press 53, PO Box 30314, Winston-Salem, NC 27130

Dear Reader,

October is special for everyone at Press 53. We celebrate another anniversary, our 11th, and get to share with readers of Prime Number Magazine the winners of the Prime Number Magazine Awards for Poetry and Short Fiction.

In Issue 101 you will find “Liminal States,” by Faith Shearin, winner of the 2016 Prime Number Magazine Award for Poetry, as selected by Kelly Cherry, and “The King of Xandria” by Jocelyn Johnson, winner of the 2016 Prime Number Magazine Award for Short Fiction; we also have poems from the runner-up and two honorable mentions for you to enjoy.

Our guest editor for poetry, Hedy Habra, selected poems from Muriel Nelson, Donna Baier Stein, and Devon Miller-Duggan, and Gerry Wilson, guest editor for short fiction, chose stories from Mary Ann McGuigan, Lisa Lewis, and Denton Loving.

We are also introducing our guest editors for Issue 107, which will be available on April 1, 2017: for poetry, Robert Lee Brewer, author of Solving the World’s Problems (a Tom Lombardo Poetry Selection for Press 53), and editor of Writer’s Market, and Poet’s Market for Writer’s Digest Books, and editor of the Poetic Asides blog for Writer’s Digest, among many other projects; and guest editor for short fiction is Elizabeth Gonzalez, winner of the 2015 Press 53 Award for Short Fiction for her collection of stories, The Universal Physics of Escape (As a side note, the 2017 Press 53 Award for Short Fiction is now open for entries). Read a poem from Robert and a story from Elizabeth, and if you are a writer, please consider sending them a poem and/or story. They are accepting submissions through Submittable from now until December 31.

We hope you enjoy Issue 101 of Prime Number Magazine and that you will share it with your friends. We also hope you will visit Press 53 and consider sampling some of our new Fall titles. 

As editor in chief of Press 53 and Prime Number Magazine, I know how difficult it is to select only a few pieces or collections to share with readers. Not because great writing is hard to find; because there is a lot of great writing from which to choose. Come decision time, an editor has to trust his or her own connection to each piece. You, as readers, must do the same, and we know you will only keep coming back if you enjoy your visit and leave feeling richer from the experience. And we all hope that you will.

Best regards and happy reading!


Kevin Morgan Watson, Publisher, Editor in Chief
Press 53
Prime Number Magazine

Welcome to Issue 101 of Prime Number Magazine!
Prime Number Magazine
Issue 101
October – Decemeber 2016

​2016 Prime Number Magazine Award for Poetry
(See a complete list of winners and finalists here)

Liminal States by Faith Shearin (First Prize)
Among the Things You Deserve by Emily Ransdell (Runner Up)
10 Years Later the Cowardly Lion Surveys His Territory by Emily Rose Cole (Honorable Mention)
On the North Saskatchewan River by Alycia Pirmohamed (Honorable Mention)

The King of Xandria by Jocelyn Johnson (First Prize)

Selections from Hedy Habra
Guest Editor for Poetry

Driveline by Muriel Nelson
Fishing with My Father by Donna Baier Stein
I Made Things by Devon Miller-Duggan

Selections from Gerry Wilson
Guest Editor for Short Fiction

Beloved by Mary Ann McGuigan
Holiday Parade by Lisa L. Lewis
How the Mammoth's Blood Flows by Denton Loving

Meet Our Editors for Issue 107, April – June 2017

Robert Lee Brewer, Guest Editor for Poetry
Elizabeth Gonzalez, Guest Editor for Short Fiction