Prime Number Magazine
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Press 53
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Prime Number Magazine is a publication of Press 53, PO Box 30314, Winston-Salem, NC 27130
Announcing Prime Number Magazine's Editors' Selections Volume 3

Prime Number Magazine, Editors' Selections, Volume 1
edited by Clifford Garstang, Valerie Nieman, Tracy Crow

9 x 6 paperback, 200 pages


Welcome to the first volume of Prime Number Magazine’s Editors’ Selections. In the first year of our free, quarterly online magazine, we published more than 60 pieces of fiction, poems by more than 60 poets, and nearly 20 essays. We loved them all, or we wouldn’t have published them. But there isn’t room for everything in a single book, so we began the excruciating process of choosing. We are pleased to present these Editors’ Selections, representing less than a quarter of the wonderful work from the magazine. We’re certain you’ll like what you read here and hope that you’ll be a frequent visitor to

Poetry by Timothy Black, Erica Dawson, Ruth Foley, Rachel Hadas, James Harms, Lola Haskins, Emilie Lindeman, Sarah Lindsay, Robert Hill Long, Susan Laughter Meyers, William Reichard, M.A. Schaffner, Barry Spacks, Mark Smith-Soto, Catherine Staples, Theodore Worozbyt, Jake Adam York

Nonfiction by Faye Rapoport DesPres, Maris Venia, Stephen J. West

Fiction by Meagan Ciesla, John Flynn, Dennis Y. Ginoza. Paul Hetzler, David Meischen, Daniel B. Meltzer, Dan Moreau, Linda Stewart-Oaten, Anne Leigh Parrish, Virginia Pye, Scott Loring Sanders, Susan Tepper, Jon Trobaugh, Richard Wiley, Kevin Wilson

Prime Number Magazine, Editors' Selections, Volume 2
edited by Clifford Garstang, Valerie Nieman, Tracy Crow

9 x 6 paperback, 200 pages


Fiction by Sybil Baker, Kevin McIlvoy, Brandon Patterson, Arthur Powers, Gleah Powers, Frank Scozzari, Robert Wexelblatt, Gerry Wilson, Gregory J. Wolos

Nonfiction by Patricia Bjorklund, Kirk Curnutt, Susan Grier, Jeffery Hess, Erin McReynolds, Michael Milburn

Poetry by Skylaar Amann, Karen Donovan, Nandini Dhar, Amorak Huey, Joseph Mills, Carolyn Moore, Brian Simoneau, Jon Tribble
Prime Number Magazine, Editors' Selections, Volume 3
edited by Clifford Garstang, Valerie Nieman, Tracy Crow, Brandon D. Shuler

9 x 6 paperback, 188 pages


Fiction by Joe Samuel Starnes, L. McKenna Donovan, Mary Akers, Frank Scozzari, Ron Capps, Mickey Laurence Cohen, Elizabeth Jenninigs, Charlene Pollano, Madeline Perett

Nonfiction by Leslie Tucker, Jay Kauffmann, Jacob Allgeier, Judith Barrington, Kathryn Hively Lane, S. Justin Platt

Poetry by Rich Ives, Jan Bottiglieri, Regina Coll, Scott Ward, Makalani Bandele, John McDermott, Anne Colwell, David Spicer, Terence Degnan

Interview with Pam Houston, by Katrina Prow (not available online)