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Prime Number Magazine is a publication of Press 53, PO Box 30314, Winston-Salem, NC 27130
Winners and Finalists of the 2015 Prime Number Magazine Awards
The Editors of Prime Number Magazine and Press 53 are excited to announce the winners and finalists of the 2015 Prime Number Magazine Awards. 

The submissions this year were outstanding, making the judging a special challenge and the winning entries truly special. Everyone will be able to read these terrific stories, essays, and poems when we publish our special contest issue, Prime Number Magazine #79, in October, featuring the first, second, and third place submissions in each category. Congratulations to all!

We thank everyone who submitted to the contest.

Special thanks to our judges: Alan Michael Parker (Poetry); Rebecca Makkai (Short Fiction); and Sarah Einstein (Creative Nonfiction) 

2015 Prime Number Magazine Awards for Poetry Finalists
Judged by Alan Michael Parker

First Prize—“Romance” by Susanna Lang of Chicago, Illinois
$1,000 plus publication in Prime Number Magazine

Judge’s Comment: A complex, rigorously played meditation upon music and memory, this fine poem weaves together piano lessons, a childhood idyll, and the making of meaning—all in the shadow of the speaker’s relationship to Mom. I love it: what a subtle, well-turned work of art. Plus, there’s a rueful wisdom earned, the child-artist “stumbling / through my practices, hating the mistakes, / the need to do it over.” I also wholly admire the trust in the materials the poet demonstrates, how images are evinced and left to shine, a nuanced virtuosity. 

Second Prize—“The Bridge” by Edward McManis of Larkspur, California
$250 plus publication in Prime Number Magazine

Third Prize—“May Day, West Berlin, 1971” by Bill Griffin of Elkin, North Carolina
Publication in Prime Number Magazine

“Man Walks to Work 21 Miles and Back” by Erin Murphy of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
“New Year’s Day, Northern California” by Lynn Houston of Newburgh, New York
“Official Notification” by Sarah Colby of Sanford, North Carolina
“Old Woman and Tea” by Mike Hammerle of Lake Butler, Florida
“Pop Runs Out of Gas, and Mom Says I Told You So” by Stephen Cloud of Albuquerque, New Mexico
“Reconnaissance” by Eric Berlin of Lysander, New York
“Things That Should Be Forgotten” by Kyle Bunnell of Glasgow, Kentucky

2015 Prime Number Magazine Awards for Short Fiction Finalists
Judged by Rebecca Makkai

First Prize—“Epimers” by Amy Wissekerke of Charlottesville, Virginia
$1,000 plus publication in Prime Number Magazine

Judge’s Comment: An intelligent, psychologically astute story. The loose, expansive structure is harder to pull off than it looks, and it yields something unusual for a short story: the evolution of characters over many years. Beautifully done.

Second Prize—“Plow Under” by Denise Smith Cline of Raleigh, North Carolina
$250 plus publication in Prime Number Magazine

Third Prize—“The First Circle” by Emily Jones of Harvard, Massachusetts
Publication in Prime Number Magazine

“Dear Kristi Yamaguchi” by Mark Brazaitis of Morgantown, West Virginia
“Eds and Meds” by Paula Martinac of Charlotte, North Carolina
“How Did You Know It Was Time to Go?” by Lynn Miller of Los Ranchos, New Mexico
“How Will It Smash?” by Becky Kaiser of Minneapolis, Minnesota
“The Ones That Aren’t Crows” by Eric Fritzius of Lewisburg, West Virginia
“The Vernal Son” by Benj Hewitt of Los Angeles, California
“We Are Still in Eden” by Jenn O’Connor of Albany, New York

2015 Prime Number Magazine Awards for Creative Nonfiction Finalists
Judge by Sarah Einstein

First Prize—“Borderline” by Anjali Enjeti of Atlanta, Georgia
$1,000 plus publication in Prime Number Magazine

Judge’s Comment: “Borderline” is a lovely, thoughtful essay that weaves the author's own story with the story of her grandmother to create a story with depth and richness. The difficult subject matter--pregnancy, miscarriage, and abortion—is handled with rare grace, and there is a complexity here that's too often missing from the public conversations about a woman's right to bodily self-determination. Both the writing and the thinking in this piece are stunning, and even with such a strong field of finalists, it stood out as exemplary.

Second Prize—“Family, Edited” by Jocelyn Pihlaja of Duluth, Minnesota
$250 plus publication in Prime Number Magazine

Third Prize—“They Will Feed the Rest of the Village with Our Leftovers” by Vanessa Nirode of Brooklyn, New York
Publication in Prime Number Magazine

“Canine Cardiology” by Deborah Thompson of Fort Collins, Colorado
“In Bed with iPadma” Lori White of Ventura, California
“Nothing to Be Afraid Of—Rachel’s Story” by Mary Meinelt of Durham, North Carolina
“Object Lessons” by Carol Smith of Kirkland, Washington
“The Other Resnick” by Laurie Frankel of Corona Del Mar, California
“Tempus Fugit” by Carol Smith of Kirkland, Washington
“Undercurrent” by Scott Sanders of Christiansburg, Virginia